To understand a photograph as a temporary promise, which, in the moment of it’s perception doesn’t exist anymore, is the starting point in the collaborative project by Christiane Peschek and the Italian Artist Gianmaria Gava. The duration of this promise is what they explored through interpretations of a reference image.
The use of landscape as a metaphor for transformation, the experiment with space and nature, manual and digital processes of alienation and transformation gathers in here:
A digital photograph of a mountain is the starting point for their artistic research. In numerous reconstructions of the initial image, the two recite the reality moment of the reference photograph over several months.
By fragmenting reality of this reference image, various mechanisms of memory are analysed. What comes after forgetting? What do we not remember? And which role plays photography in those commemoration mechanisms.
Therefor TEMPORARY PROMISES is a search for an extension of the concept of photography, the mythologizing and re-sensibilisation in the perception of photography: How does perception and memory change through manipulation as light, medium, space or time. Is the phenomenalization of the reality a possible future of photography?

2016, Fine Art Print on Baryta on Alu, framed, several sizes